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Before I post about Ben’s final months, I thought I would break up the sadness with some comic relief.  One of Petey’s biggest goals in life was to get our food.  He very cleverly plotted.  If Rob and I sat on the couch and ate our dinner at the coffee table, Petey would sit across the room on the love seat, occasionally glancing at us sideways.  Then he’d slink over to the chair, closer, and lie there for a moment.  Then he’d make it to the couch’s arm rest…then above one of us on the back of the couch.  Sometimes Rob or I would turn suddenly toward him and shout, “Petey!”  He’d look away quickly as if saying, “I’m just hanging out!  Don’t mind me.”  But if we dropped a piece of food or got up for a moment, BAM!  He pounced upon it, his eyes big, the happiest dog on the planet.

Well, his plotting continued into his old age.  When the kids came around and started enjoying their treats all over the house, he did what he could to get their cheese puffs or toast or even just a taste of the kids’ fingers.  In the video linked below, I wanted to capture the kids dancing to one of their favorite segments of Yo Gabba Gabba.  Veronica had been eating a snack at the coffee table.  Understanding she was now distracted by the TV,  Petey–now 13–sidled up to her and tried to lick her fingers.  But even at 16 months old, Veronica knew how to handle Petey.  She growled, and Petey quickly backed away.

Wait till the very end of the video (it’s only 22 second long), where you will strike gold.  Enjoy!

I’ll be back next week with a post about Ben’s last few months, a term I still haven’t completely accepted.